If you are a company, doing constant business on the Internet, you will want to understand link building because this is what connects information on the web with other related information. These links are ideal on the World Wide Web because pages on your website can be linked to several thousand other pages. Numerous search engines have been developed for the web, which are themselves accessible via hypertext links. While the quality of those sites that link to yours is of the utmost importance. It is just as important that these sites are relevant to your business. According to Google’s ranking principles, useful, relevant information goes a long way in determining the rank your page will earn.

With the proliferation of content marketing techniques, many link building strategies have evolved and the way we get links has also changed. For this reason, you need to know what’s working right now; and what link building strategies are the most effective. Link building shouldn’t only be about search engines. Links which send high numbers of direct click-through traffic provide better search engine value for rankings and also send targeted visitors to your site.

Earning Links

Some people say they don’t have link building strategies because they earn links , a process of gaining links by simply being helpful and providing value. An example is creating free value such as with YouTube videos, offering useful and valuable information. Creating and offering free value get you earning links which are considered to be more valuable than links which are built manually. Sponsorships is another quick way to get links. Small businesses don’t need a host of links to rank well; but rather a handful of high quality links. Every city and town has charities and events looking for sponsors and most will give a link from their website. All businesses use the services of other businesses, and each time you hire a business for services, it creates an opportunity for link building. To do this you can send them a reference letter or testimonial which they can post on their website. This can often result in a backlink from another local business.

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Different Methods for Building Links

Remember that no two link building campaigns are the same. The methods used to build links will depend on you and your website. Research on the Internet will reveal that young- as well as seasoned SEO experts recommend the following proven link building techniques in 2014. Several were asked to give their latest link building strategies and this is what each expert said they would rate as most important:

(-) Write awesome content – The best way to get backlinks is to write awesome content and share it on social media. Don’t just write a guest post for link benefit though; use it to showcase your knowledge of the chosen subject because a credible article is far more likely to have a positive impact on your audience and gain exposure. Create backlinks to pages where the visitor is requested to do something. Embed offers within the content of a blog. Whenever you invite someone to link to your story, you need to provide them with a trackable link. You can also tag your URLs for tracking in Google Analytics.

(-) Research your competitors – look through your competitor’s link profiles to benefit from their successes. Get all of their links in one place and sort them by different link metrics to find the best opportunities. You don’t have to stop at your direct competitors; you can also look at indirect competitors or other niche-relevant sites to get ideas on how other e-commerce sites are getting links to the same types of pages you have. The most effective methods for building links will vary depending on your industry as well as your goals.

(-) Guest posting – getting bloggers in your industry with a big following is a good idea because they can be paid to regularly write on your blog. This is a quick way to build up your blog’s audience. The reason for this is that each they write on your site, they’ll share it with their following; an effective way to build natural links. An underutilized linking tactic is to simply ask. You can ask your biggest fans to link to you and tweet about you.

(-) Social link baiting – social link baiting is a new and effective technique with link building. The idea of social link baits is to generate a media storm resulting from a captivating marketing idea. Link bait is content on your website that other sites link to because of it alluring content; whether it’s a fresh blog post or a fascinating video tutorial. As always, good content never fails as link bait as it is link-worthy; you want to share it with friends through social media. A social share doesn’t carry the same weight as an anchored link, but it certainly has an impact on your page’s perceived value and importance. Breaking news is also link bait. If you’re writing about the release of a new product, you’ll look for timely resources to provide users with additional reference material. If you are the source of timely content, quiz takers with an embeddable badge giving their results as well as links back to your website.

Links are Still Key in 2014/15

Links are still keys to achieving high rankings and an essential element of search engine optimization. Link building is one of the most important SEO skills and is the culmination of a number of skills such as creating compelling content, programming, sales and marketing. You need to bear in mind that Google will constantly be updating its processes and there will be some links you should ignore. Avoid directory sites, advertorial links and forum profile links. These days you can no longer manipulate the system with links and you need to be producing the highest-possible quality content and sharing it on appropriate websites.