Internet marketing is quickly becoming one of the most sought after skill-sets in the entire world. This includes both Internet based companies and local companies. If a business is not on the Internet, they are simply neglecting one of the most important ways that they can get new customers. Generally, there are five core areas which need to be taken into account when you are looking at Internet marketing. Those are search engine optimization, landing pages, sales funnels, social media, and content. Content is primarily used last and it part of what is known as “organic marketing”. This is something which can very easily take up too much time. Utilizing all five of these at the same time in an equal and meaningful way is key to accomplishing goals in this type of marketing.

Without any further ado, here are the top 5 aspects of Internet marketing:

1.    Search Engine Optimization (SEO) – Search engines are one of the primary means through which traffic gets directed to websites. With that being said, there is an art to getting search engines to find and register your site. That is where SEO comes in. Using SEO you can make your website easy to find by search engines and, thus, increase the potential profit that your site is capable of making. This is primarily achieved through the copy of your site. You need to modify the source code for headers and things like that in order to have a unified and consistent theme running through your site. SEO also involves finding and using keywords specific to the topic at hand and that have relevance in the context of your website. Those keywords are then dispersed throughout the copy to have the most effect.


Image courtesy: Flickr/daviderickson

2.    Landing Pages – Landing pages are one of the cornerstones of modern Internet marketing. They are single web pages which are designed to either get new leads for your website or to convince someone to purchase a product or service from you. These pages will generally be continuing a strong message that has been sent through the means by which the lead got to the page in the first place. If it is a web ad then the language needs to be unified with the language that is on the page that they end up at (the landing page). This is a means through which you can enforce that message and give more meaning to it. If the message does not match, then you are running the very real risk of alienating some of your potential clients by promoting mixed messages. Landing pages are usually the first step in a sales funnel. They are a means through which you either get leads or convert leads. This leads to something known as a conversion rate, which will be talked about along with sales funnels.

3.    Sales Funnels – Sales funnels are ways to drive traffic down a specific path which will end in a sale to your company. Any lead that ends up purchasing will become known as a conversion. Landing pages and sales funnels have the end goal in mind of raising the conversion rate. This might sound a bit complex, but in terms of Internet marketing it is important to simple remember that the goal of landing pages and sales funnels is to increase the conversion rate to as high a number as it possibly can be.

4.    Social Media – Social media is close to the last thing that you want to focus on. It is very likely that you will waste a lot of time here if you do not know what you are doing. With that being said, social proof is definitely something that you need to focus on if you want to build a good business moving forward. You will want to get that social proof through likes and follows on major social media websites including Twitter and Facebook. This is, again, something that should be accomplished in an organic way and NOT outsourced. Outsourcing this is generally going to run you the risk of getting you a ban on the platform you are doing it with. Grow your audience through customer engagement.

5.    Content – Content always comes last. This should not be the first concern, at least not under normal circumstances. It should be a given that you have to have narrowly focused information contained in your copy on your primary website and in your advertisements, but content in the form of blogs and the ilk should be saved for last. Organic marketing is a wonderful way to add potential leads to your sales funnel and get them to your site, but it is time that is wasted when you are first trying to build your company. In terms of success, organic marketing through content can be done through outsourcing (and it frequently is). This can, however, result in sub-par content if you do not pay close attention to the people you are hiring to do it. The lowest bidders usually win and usually provide the worst content for your money as well.

When you are looking for a company to help with your Internet marketing, you need to pay very close attention to who you choose. They need to be well versed in all the core aspects of this type of marketing. They also need to have a good track record. This is an important point, because many companies will flat out lie about what they have experience doing and what they do not. You also want to find a company that has a team doing everything in-house. Outsourcing online is never a good idea in terms of your content return. Particularly in terms of writing, you will quickly find that a lot of the content you receive back is shoddily spun content that has been poorly rewritten by someone in a foreign country who is not even a native speaker of the language you need to work in. Not a good way to do business.